Create powerful opportunities to tell brand stories

Digital media opportunities deliver your message to thousands of corrosion and coatings professionals and AMPP members with measurable results. Our digital portfolio offers a variety of opportunities to reach your target audience with meaningful content to drive sales and ROI.

Engage your audience across different digital media formats

Programmatic Advertising – NEW!

Programmatic marketing is automated bidding on advertising inventory in real time, for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific type of customer, in a specific context, or specific location.

Tactics used include:

  • Geo Fencing
  • Event Geo Fencing
  • Site Retargeting
  • Keyword Retargeting

Campaign includes: Minimum of 3 month commitment

  • Unlimited changes to campaign tactics  (48 hr. turnaround)
  • Campaign will be frequently and proactively optimized
  • 24/7 real-time online detailed reporting link
  • Monthly strategy review of campaign performance
  • Active management and hands-on approach

Native Advertising

Native ads are a great resource to promote your company, your company's products and articles, in the context of our editorial content.

Advertisers receive:

  • An advertiser content page featuring your article plus a list of additional sponsored content you wish to make available to readers
  • Content promotions in the magazine’s monthly e-newsletters and through social media
  • Inclusion in the archives on the web site under the company's sponsored content webpage for up to 12 months.


Video is a versatile and engaging content format easily shared across multiple channels, social media included, and is a simple and effective way to generate leads and build brand awareness.

Advertisers receive:

  • Video promotion, including email blasts to the magazine’s digital readership and social media posts
  • Video housed on Materials Performance or CoatingsPro web site for a full year. Video placed on the site’s homepage for the month you select and appears on the site’s video page.

Industry Spotlight Videos

Showcase your products/services with this video interview recorded and professionally edited by a videographer. Use your video content to extend your reach and impact in the industry!

Advertisers receive:

  • Company keeps final video,
  • Your video featured on the video page on the magazine web site,
  • Your video promoted by CoatingsPro and Materials Performance in the Industry news section on monthly emails, and
  • Your Industry Spotlight video promoted on magazine social media posts.


Webcasts are a great opportunity to generate leads and position your company as an industry thought leader. Use webcasts to provide valuable content that will help solve your customer’s day-to-day issues.

Advertisers receive:

  • A 30-45 minute live webcast presentation
  • A 15-minute question and answer period foraudience participation
  • Promotional initiatives reaching audiences through email, social media, and the magazine’s web site before and after the live webcast
  • Access to robust analytics 24/7 for real-time insight into the engagement of each unique audience member available for 12 months

The archival video of each live webcast will be available on the Materials Performance web site on demand for one year.

Digital Issue Advertising

Enhance the reader experience by providing valuable content through different mediums on our digital issue platform. Watch your ads come to life with videos, animation, and sound.

White Papers

White papers help generate qualified leads and educate readers on how your product/service can solve their problems.

Advertisers receive:

  • White Paper promotion delivered through email blasts to the magazine’s readership, digital display ads and social media posts.
  • White Paper housed on Materials Performance or CoatingsPro web site for a full year. White Paper placed on the site’s homepage for the month you select and appears on the site’s White Paper page.
  • Leads provided each time your content is downloaded. White Paper advertisers receive an automatic email with lead information and are provided a monthly report with lead information.


Let listeners hear more about your product with ad placements on our podcast channels.

Advertisements in podcasts are generally read live by the podcast host. These can be scripted or conversational in delivery and are not produced by the advertiser. These consist of short ads (10-60 seconds in length) that are built into a podcast permanently.

Types of placements*:

  • Pre-roll: These are ads that are placed near the beginning of the podcast, generally after a brief preview or introduction
  • Mid-roll: These are ads that are placed in the middle of the podcast. These are considered prime placements, as listeners are actively engaged in the podcast by this point

Current Stats:  Averaging 1,200-1,300 listens per month.

Ad placements/length:

  • Max of one pre-roll ad (15 seconds) placed after the introduction
  • Max of one early mid-roll ad (30-60 seconds) and one late mid-roll ad (30-60 seconds)

*Pre-roll ads are available for CORROSION journal, Materials Performance, and CoatingsPro
*Mid-roll ads are available for Materials Performance and CoatingsPro

Infrastructure Insights

Recipients: 31,809

Published three times a year, this digital edition features news about infrastructure assets and materials that are prone to corrosion, focusing on Department of Transportation (DOT) and local, state, and federal municipality assets. Infrastructure Insights also provides pertinent information such as educational course schedules, infrastructure book summaries, and a list of industry reports, standards, and test methods.

April 2022
Space close - 3/4/2022
Materials close - 3/11/2022

August 2022
Space close - 7/1/2022
Materials close - 7/8/2022

December 2022
Space close - 11/4/2022
Materials close - 11/11/2022

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