Mechanical Specifications


All ads must be provided in electronic format. All ads must be in 4-color CMYK or black & white—ads cannot contain any spot (PMS) colors. Do not include any ICC profiles other than the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 profile.

Preferred file formats

PDF/X-1a:200. Embed all graphics and fonts and provide as high resolution (300dpi or higher) file. When exporting the PDF, select "Use Document Bleed" but DO NOT select crop marks, bleed marks, registration marks or page information.

Exporting PDFs from InDesign for Print

For detailed instructions, PDF preset files, and supporting screenshots, please use our PDF settings for AMPP Advertising instructions for more information.

File sizes

Files less than 10MB may be emailed. Larger files should be sent to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site or contact the Publisher.

Trim & Bleed

Publication Trim Size is 8.125-in x 10.875-in.  To accommodate for trim, add an extra 0.125-in bleed on all sides of full-page ads (total size 8.375-in x 11.125-in including bleed). “Live matter” (text, logos, information that should not be trimmed) should be kept 0.375-in to 0.5-in away from the trimmed edges. When setting up your original document, set your margin to 0.375-in or 0.05-in. On spread ads, allow 0.75-in to 1-in for the gutter. For fractional ads, see Ad Specifications. Fractional ads (for example, third-page, half-page, etc.) should NOT include bleeds.

Display advertising format

Note: Charges will apply to ads that the Publisher has to revise. Publisher cannot fix transparency and color issues, the advertiser must fix those issues and resubmit.

Closing dates

See respective editorial calendars for closing dates:

Contact the publisher for information regarding materials requiring production work. Cancellations must be in writing and are not accepted after the closing date.

Upload Ad Materials to AMPP Media FTP Site:

(NOTE: Case sensitive)
Username: nacemedia
Password: nacemedia

Send Insertion Orders to:

Brenda Nitz
15835 Park Ten Place
Houston, TX 77084 USA
Tel: +1 281-228-6219

*Storing of Advertising Material:  Advertising materials will be stored for 24 months.